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Alternating spring and summer vacuum bag admission

2016/10/7 19:25:32

Spring and summer alternating, many people began to wardrobe "season", the reporter visited the market yesterday found that the vacuum bag in a number of supermarkets, large supermarkets began to sell.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the city Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Xinhua and other supermarkets found that vacuum bag began to put on the hot commodity commodities, the price from tens of dollars to two or three hundred dollars, more types of bags, Some specifically used to accommodate bedding, and some specifically used to store clothes.

"A lot of people to buy this storage bag, one day you can sell more than 100." In Wal-Mart, a Purchasing Guide told reporters that the use of the physical pump with a pump, electric vacuum pump, this vacuum bag containing air Out of the thick winter quilts and cotton can be instantly compressed into a tofu block, not only can save space, but also moisture, mildew, waterproof, pest control.


Optional vacuum bag has pay attention

The industry to remind, vacuum bag purchase and use is a stress. First of all, should choose the size of the vacuum bag, the public should buy bedding before the bedding and clothing specifications, and then in accordance with the needs of the size of the purchase. If too much, a waste of space is not easy to place; too small, it is easy to break.

In addition, the public should carefully check the storage bag whether scratches, burns, blistering, broken valves and other defects, can not have foreign body, grease and other pollution, pocket opening, closed should be reliable to ensure sealing. Before admission, will be included in the clean clothes and dried in the sun, and then into the bag. Pocket zipper can not be forced extrusion, or it may be due to deformation and leakage.

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