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Advantages of Vacuum Compression Bag

2016/10/7 18:30:05

Vacuum bags, also known as storage vacuum bags, storage bags, storage bags. Is a kind of daily life for the collection of items stored products, mainly for clothing storage. In this case,

This kind of vacuum bag can take the goods into the bag, the use of household vacuum cleaner or comes with a pump to extract the air bag, so that compaction, saving storage space, the price is generally cheaper. The following small series to introduce you to use vacuum compression bags and vacuum compression bags of the benefits.

Vacuum compression bag, can be compressed to the original volume of 1/3, so that storage space expansion. Anti-flea, mold, moisture, so that the clothes clean and save. The use of sliding zipper, so that the sealing process becomes simple and easy. Vacuum compression bags of various colors, not moldy, hygiene, moisture. Because it is isolated from the outside air, it is possible to achieve such an effect. The price is relatively cheap, this bag is now generally the domestic physique also a few dollars to dozens of dollars a range, very practical.

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